June 12, 2007

Condensate Pumping - Save Cost

Conventionally we use centrifugal pumps for condensate transfer from any system which requires lot of pumping energy mainly due to -

  1. Mismatched pump selection as usual.

  2. Intermittent operation based on varying condensate load.

  3. Part load operation.

  4. Continuous drop in pumping efficiency due to higher temperature of fluid (Condensate).

  5. Frequent mechanical failures also contribute to point no 4 above.

  6. Overall LCC is very costly for any condensate transfer systems.


Now we have totally different static system for condensate transfer i.e. Pressure actuated Pump. This is nothing but a mechanical device which recieves condensate in the reciever. This is having a float valve such that once it goes upto certain level the float opeans a steam inlet nozzle which is usually at 20 psi higher pressure than the back pressure of the condensate transfer system.

So if you need to transfer the condensate to 10 m elevation & at 3 Kg system than the motive steam pressure required is 30 + 10 + 15 = 55 meter Or 5.5 Kg/cm2 steam is sufficient.

The consumption of this motive steam is also usually very very low compared to conventional pumping. It consumes only 3-4 Kg of steam for each 1000 Kg of condensate transfer.

Here is a cost comparison for this PAP & conventional centrifugal pumping system. No Dear........just now I dont have sufficient time --------Its Easy you can do it on your own.

Happy Mathematics??????????? - I may provide it later on as comment on this topic....So keep watching it.

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