June 06, 2007

People can't be bothered to make easy energy savings

According to Philips Lighting a standard incandescent light bulb costs around €1, and uses €15-worth of electricity a year. A low-energy one costs €5-6 and uses €3-worth. The payback on investing in a compact fluorescent bulb, therefore, is less than a year. Yet low-energy lighting makes up only 30% of Philips's sales.

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David Bradley said...

Those low-energy bulbs still use a lot of energy, the future of low-energy lighting lies with LEDs, and these are now becoming commercially and domestically viable

profmaster said...

I wonder if they are at commercially viable stage at present.

The simple reason is Illuminance as we have seen that CFLs are having lower illuminance compared to conventional bulbs.

The other reason is the cost.

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