July 21, 2007

Dissatisfied Chemical Engineers

After reading about the opportunities available to chemical engineers, employers might want to think about making their current employees a bit happier if they don’t want to lose them to competitors. According to Chemical Engineering’s online “Talk to Us” survey on job satisfaction, most of the 74 respondents found their jobs to be mediocre.

When asked about overall satisfaction rates, only 13.5% considered themselves to be completely satisfied with their jobs. While the majority, 25.7%, rated their overall satisfaction to be a “3” on a scale of “1 to 5,” with “5” being completely satisfied and “1” being completely unsatisfied.

Another 6.8% said they were completely unsatisfied. The outlook is worse when it comes to professional mobility, as only 9.5% said they were completely satisfied with this aspect of their job and almost 15% (14.9%) of respondents said they were completely unsatisfied. Less than stellar responses were also recorded regarding compensation. Only 12.2% were completely satisfied with the compensation they receive. Again, in both the professional mobility and compensation categories, the majority, 27% and 27%, respectively, rated their satisfaction as a “3” on a scale of “1 to 5.”

The only facet of job satisfaction that scored slightly higher than an average “3,” was intellectual stimulation, in which the majority, 25.7%, of respondents rated their satisfaction a close-to-completely satisfied “4” on the scale.

One respondent summed up the findings by saying, “The job is good for a select few, but one must really have a passion for it to keep motivated.”

Source: Chemical Engineering July-2007

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