July 02, 2007

Energy Saving Tips-1

Tips in Day to Day Life
Refrigeration / Air Conditioning
  1. Select proper size AC based on room size, family members, wall & window area etc.
  2. Keep your refrigerator & freezers filled to capacity without restricting air circulation.

  3. Regularly clean the condenser parts of your refrigerator & AC both to have better efficiency without loosing energy.

  4. Frost free refrigerators have in built heating elements which are not required during summer. So use the option of power saving mode or set thermostat at low temperature to avoid frequent power on for these heating elements unnecessarily.

  5. Both AC & Fridges should have proper gaskets for sealing to avoid ingress of hot air.

  6. Keep all liquids in the refrigerator in closed container to avoid bad smell as well as to save energy due to increased vapor load on compressor.

  7. Compartmentalized refrigerators are better than single door due to limited area exposure each time, the door is openend.

  8. Put an automatic clock (RTC) based timer to switch it off during night. This also reduces the no of on & off cycles during the life of the machine resulting in less wear & tear apart from energy saving.

  9. Try to locate AC unit on the north side of house to avoid direct sunlight.

  10. Use sun screens on window glasses to avoid radiation heat.

  11. AC thermostat setting should be ~24°C which is reasonably good & comfortable temperature everywhere.

  12. Use low wattage lighting in the rooms to avoid unnecessary load on AC.

  13. Do not use heating devies in AC room e.g. Iron, Dust Blower etc.

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