July 03, 2007

Energy Saving Tips-2

Tips in Day to Day Life
  1. In many cases you can use lower wattage bulbs and get same amount of light. Look for lumens on the bulb (CFL) & not for watts. Lumen indicates the brightness while power indicates eenrgy required to illuminate the area.
  2. Always plan bulb location in such a way that the light is not hindered by any other room fixture.

  3. White light is more comfortable than any other light for reading & day to day use. So should consider it in studies, drawing room etc. Other types can be considered for infrequently used areas e.g. toilet, bathroom etc.
  4. Install photoelectric controls for outdoor lighting.
  5. Choose light colors in the rooms for better reflection, becasue dark colors absorb light & need more wattage for same illumination.
  6. Use good quality reflector & you can save lot of energy due to higher reflection. This can bring it down by ~33% if designed properly i.e. selection of reflector, selection of bulb, location etc.

  7. Use dimmer controls for reducing energy consumption whenever possible.
  8. Try to locate AC unit on the north side of house to avoid direct sunlight.

  9. Use sun screens on window glasses to avoid radiation heat.

  10. AC thermostat setting should be ~24°C which is reasonably good & comfortable temperature everywhere.

  11. Use low wattage lighting in the rooms to avoid unnecessary load on AC.

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joseph aldeguer said...

Great tips. Thanks for sharing them.

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