August 25, 2007

Booster Pumps - Improve your vacuum system performance

Mechanical vacuum boosters are dry pumps that meet most of the ideal vacuum pump requirements. They work on positive displacement principle and are used to boost the performance of water ring / oil ring / rotating vane / piston pumps and steam or water ejectors. They are used in combination with any one of the mentioned pumps, to overcome their limitations. Vacuum boosters pumps offer very desirable characteristics, which make them the most cost effective and power efficient option.

Major Advantages

1. Can be integrated with any installed vacuum systems such as steam ejectors, water ring pumps, oil sealed pumps, and water ejectors etc.

2. The vacuum booster is a dry pump, as it does not use any pumping fluid. It pumps vapor or gases with equal ease. Small amounts of condensed fluid can also be pumped.

3. Vacuum boosters are power efficient. Very often a combination of vacuum booster and suitable backup pump result in reduced power consumption per unit of pumping speed. They provide high pumping speeds even at low pressures.

4. Boosters increase the working vacuum of the process, in most cases very essential for process performance and efficiency. Vacuum booster can be used over a wide working pressure range, from 100 Torr down to 0.001 Torr (mm of mercury), with suitable arrangement of backup pumps.

5. It has very low pump friction losses, hence requires relatively low power for high volumetric speeds. Typically, their speeds, at low vacuums are 20-30times higher than corresponding vane pumps/ring pumps of equivalent power.

6. Use of electronic control devices such as variable frequency control drive allows modifying vacuum boosters operating characteristics to conform to the operational requirements of the prime vacuum pumps. Hence they can be easily integrated into all existing pumping set up to boost their performance

7. Vacuum boosters don’t have any valves, rings, stuffing box etc, therefore, do not demand regular maintenance.

8. Due to vapor compression action by the booster, the pressure at the discharge of booster (or inlet of backup pump) is maintained high, resulting in advantages such as low back streaming of prime pump fluid, effective condensation even at higher condenser temperatures and improvement of the backup pump efficiency.

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plumbing said...

Booster pump is commonly use to smooth out the water pressure. It allows the water to flow with less resistance.

Dhanabal GangaEngg said...

Nice Post about Booster Pumps. We are also manufacturers of the Booster Pumps in India

Prince Khanna said...

Water pressure booster pump solace from a highly advanced design that sees the pressure stay at a abiding level when demand increases, with the pump itself actually boosting up to meet the requirements of the occupants. This irregular speed pump system therefore guarantees that, no matter how high the demand for water is from the block of flats, the pressures will never be delayed and low water pressure will no longer is a problem.

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