October 25, 2007

CompaBloc - Shell & Tube may become History in future

CompaBloc - A True Cross Flow Plate Heat Exchanger - from Alfa Laval may soon replace big size conventional S&Ts in the chemical process industry due to their very high U, Clean Service for longer, Very low (~25-35%) footprint area requirement. The current article is based on our actual experience in our plant.

We were using a conventional S&T Feed Effluent exchanger in Glycol plant. It was a S&T with ~400 M2 area for 2.0 Gcal/hr heat load with estimated U of ~625 Kcal/hr/m2/°C, whereas CompaBloc used for this service is having only 131 M2 area for ~2.8 Gcal/hr with estimated U of 2850 Kcal/hr/m2/°C which is more than 4 times than conventional S&T.


Alfa Laval (India) Ltd has introduced a high quality welded plate heat exchanger, Compabloc, that is designed for easy access, long and low maintenance, resulting in low lifecycle costs. Compabloc is designed for high thermal performance and compact installation and is available in stainless steel and exotic metal alloys. Although fully welded, it is accessible on both sides by removing side panels for cleaning, maintenance or repair.

The heart of this unit consists of welded corrugated heat transfer plates, pressed in SS or exotic materials. The absence of gaskets allows it to handle high temperature fluids and operate in chemically aggressive environment. It is ideal for any industrial application requiring efficient and economic heat transfer in a fully welded design required normally in hydrocarbon processing industries.

There are thousands and thousands of Compabloc plate heat exchangers working in various processes all over the world. For their users, they are true productivity boosters. The design of the plates inside the Compabloc has been improved, and the result is an even better operating performance and longer life.

Changes in the plate configuration provide more contact points between individual plates, which adds to the structural strength. The use of laser-welding enables the Compabloc to withstand higher pressures and temperatures. As a result, they provide up to 7% more heat transfer efficiency than previous models of CompaBloc itself.

The best news is, thanks to the modular design of Compabloc, upgrading is a very simple, straightforward process. Replace your present CP block with the new CPL block and you get a new Compabloc at only a fraction of the price.

Performance & Features
Copabloc is available in areas from 1 - 320 Square meters. The largest CP requires only 1 x 1 M2 Footprint area which saves on installation space & is very handy in case of revamps / debottleneking of existing units where normally the size / space is a major constraint for bigger size new equipments.

They can operate from FV to 35 Bar pressures and from -40°C to 350°C making them usfeul for almost every process application. Orientationwise they can be horizontal / vertical / suspended also. Suitable for Pharma, Hydrocarbon, Petrochemicals etc.

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