November 02, 2007

Site Updates

This post is a part of an ongoing updates on this site to keep you aware about developments & future planning.

I am adding DOWNLOADS section, which will provide useful downloads for all of you. Kindly feel free to browse it here OR select it from tab listed at the top of this page. You will find only those which I have used and found them useful for all.

Next I have removed Stores page, which shall be modified & relaunched by next month or so.

Next based on site stats I am finding that many of my readers are searching for cooling tower related queries. So I would request them to post their any kind of query related to Cooling Towers on my FORUM & I will answer them one by one including evaluations of performance, tower capacity related questions or anything else.

I am also including one GuestBook on downloads page & request readers to leave their feedback so that I can further improve this site.

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