February 27, 2008

Handy Excel Tool for Orifice Calculations

Process engineers need many calculations related to orifice design e.g. for

  1. Restriction Orifice Dia.

  2. Maximum possible flow through Restriction Orifice for a given dia.

  3. Flow of gases through spargers with a given hole size & pipe Dia.

  4. calculation of new size of holes for spargers.

  5. Pressure drop across Orifice.

And many more..........SO I am attaching a very simple excel sheet for such calculations, which is not very complicated yet useful for almost 98-99% accuracy.

To Download the file , just click .... Orifice Calculation

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Amir Tambe said...

The file cannot be downloaded because the url provided for the same has some errors in it. Although I am interested in looking at those calculations but it is not accessible. if possible kindly look into that matter.
My name is Amir, (T.E. petrochemical engineering, Pune)

Dietrich Thomys said...

I found it downloaded and was useful. Thanks. Busy doing a whole upgrade of all formali in my arsenal.

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