February 18, 2008

Water Saving - Amazing Nos

Recently going through some blog articles, I found the use of low flush toilets where water can be saved by more than 50%. Amazed by numbers, I thought to work out my self these numbers with ref to India & possible quantum of savings.

Therefore, my search began on this issue & found that technologies are available which can reduce the consumption to more than 80-90% and is totally developed indeginously by Indians. We do not realize the importance of any small change unless we see its impact in totality which may be very useful for the nation as a whole.

Here is the total Maths.

Basic Nos.

There is simple math till this point which itself indicates the prosperity achievable by simple education to all people be it rural or urban citizen, where water is a scarce resource. Imagine the condition in southern state Tamil Nadu where now it is mandatory to make roofs compliant to rain water harvesting systems. ~~Where water is available only at 4 - 5 AM everyday through tankers from local water corporation. ~~Where water is available to industry at more than 35 Rs. / M3.

On the other hand people from northern states like UP, Uttarakhand, Punjab etc do not care at all including local industries which uses this valuable resources as a free commodity without any concern for future & sustainable growth of humanity and planet.

If we plan to save water in this manner than, we can have enough water to feed 93 Million houses in water scarce states with ~87 litres/day which is sufficient for daily needs in states like Rajasthan. (Here the planning of connecting all the rivers by making a national river grid by Earlier Govt. would have solved many problems)

Now consider the direct saving nos related to environment - just for a feel.

Imagine the difference from one country, if globally we put it together, probably you wont need to spend millions of dollars on research related to global warming or cooling. (I'm not able to debate on this issue without having my breakfast - But I know only one thing - CO2 is never beneficial to the society in current scenario).

I forgot to include Fuel savings e.g. coal, gas, oils used for power generation which is saved from pumping of this water in local municipal limits. (Can you please add that?????).

Finally, the monetary gains are also not less lucrative.

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