March 11, 2008

Compressors Performance Evaluation

Happier with the performance of my Ammonia plant simulation package, I went on to write performance evaluation program, General in nature - means a program which can be used for any gas or gaseous mixture, any centrifugal compressor without any limitation on discharge pressure etc, considering real gas. It was writtten in C++. It took me ~25 Days to compile & do the total testing of the program.
This program uses generalized co-relations of Equation of states (EOS) from thermodynamics. So you can input any gas mixture in the basic program. The only basic information needed is Tc, Pc, Vc & omega of the gases handled. No other compressor evaluation program uses these thermodynamic properties to my knwoledge till date.
For example in case of ammonia synthesis compressor N2, H2, Ammonia, Methane & Argon properties are used. The compressor operates from 26 Ata to ~220 Ata in 4 different stages. The program is tested for the entire range of operation. Only Suction & Discharge pressure & temperatures are required for efficiency calculation and flow is required for power calculation.
It also calculates critical properties of mixture Tcm, Pcm & Vcm and Entropy & Compressibility Z at inlet & discharge conditions. Power & Polytropic head is also calculated.

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