March 11, 2008

P&ID - learning small things for big projects

Normally a project passes through various phases e.g. basic engineering, detail engineering, equipment fabrication, erection, commissioning etc. The conceptual idea of business from the process development cell is converted to executable documents during basic engineering.

This is the step where we need P&ID or piping and Instrumentation diagram

P&ID is one of the important drawing representing all the engineering info required to build a process plant.

What is considered in a good P&ID?

Various aspects are considered during the preparation of P&ID which are:
  1. Plant Operation

  2. Plant Hardware

  3. Equipments connectivity

  4. Operational controls & instruments

  5. Safety controls & instruments

  6. Instruments interlocks

  7. Complete Piping information

  8. other details

Steps for P&ID Preparation
  1. Show all equipments with necessary piping to carry out the process
  2. Show all connecting process piping necessary to carry out the process
  3. Show all other pipings required for auxiliaries
  4. Show all required valves and major fittings
  5. Show all required instruments
  6. Mark size, fluid code, material code & identification numbers of all pipe lines
  7. Mark interlock numbers as per interlock description
  8. Review P & ID considering all operational, startup/shutdown, safety, maintenance & aesthetic aspects.

There are specified formats for each kind of equipments, Instruments etc to be filled in as data sheets in the Basic Engg Package. So BEP includes
  1. P&IDs
  2. Line List with operating & Design conditions, each line is represented with Size, No, Area code, MOC, Insulation etc.
  3. Equipment List
  4. Instrument List
  5. Data sheet for each equipments called PDS (Process Data Sheet) depending on the type of equipment specific formats are to be used
  6. Tie In points list which is required for the marking of point where from process or utility is connected in the existing systems

This BEP package is sufficient for converting & implementing the technology in actual process plant.

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Geoffrey said...

Hallo Profmaster,

I am very interested in P&ID's and in Basic Engineering Packages. I am a chemical engineering technician and at work I am making P&ID's. Could you tell me of a international standard for Basic Engineering Packages, please? I would very much appreciate it. I am busy reverse engineering the processes in our chemcal plant and want to create BEP's for each of them.

Thanks for your help.

Yours truly,
Geoffrey van Wyk
Pretoria, South Africa

profmaster said...

Dear Geoffrey
There is no single std for BEP preparation. You have to consider separate codes e.g. API etc for each equipment / instrument / safety devices etc.

If you need any specific help please let me know, I will try to help you out of my busy schedule as & when possible.

Anonymous said...

p&id is very much important for chemical and instrumentation engineers.found very much useful.
standard p&id symbols are there.

Anonymous said...

Dear Postmaster,

Thank you very much for posting such a useful information about P&ID. I am a PhD student in molecular biology and about to finish in a year time. After noticing that the pay in our field is not good and it is really good at if you know something like P&ID. I am considering a career path chage and very excited to learn P&ID if possible. Would you have any idea who runs the courses if I wanted to learn P&ID in the UK? I am good with maths and all that and love solving problems. Please advise. Thank you very much for your help in advance. Hiren, Norwich, UK.

Techkasamba Agarwal said...

Hi Hiren
I can teach you on skype if you r ready & time slot matches.

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