July 28, 2008

Distillation, Absorption & LLE - 3-in-1 Software - Available for Free

ChemSep is a program for performing multicomponent separation process calculations. ChemSep is designed for use in courses on thermodynamics and/or separation processes and features an easy to use interface for Windows, equilibrium and rate-based column models, integrated graphics (with GNUplot), and export capabilities (e.g. to Excel, Word, and html).

ChemSep integrates flash, the classic equilibrium stage column model and a nonequilibrium or rate-based column model in one easy to use program. ChemSep-Lite (a version with some limitations) is available free - Download from Original Site.

Following are the case studies presented on ChemSep site.

You can either download above PDF or can download ChemSep simulation files also from ChemSep Site which can be used with ChemSep Lite.

ChemSep is CAPE open Compliant that means you can use these simulation files with other programs e.g. ASPEN. It is also integrated with Sulzer's Column Rating tool SULCOL.

Download ChemSep Guide Book Here.

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