July 16, 2008

High Efficiency Boiler Fans - Amazing Potential of Energy Saving

The fans help burn the fuels efficiently and complete combustion. The combustion air requirement from under the grate is met by supply air from forced draft fans (FD fans), and the combustion product from furnace is exhausted by induced draft fan (ID fan). The secondary air fan (SA fan) supplies air over the grate to create turbulence over fuel.

For spreading fuel over the grate, and the burning fuel in suspension the pneumatic spreader is used, and pneumatic spreader fan (PS fan) plays important role in spreading and burning fuel efficiently. The balanced drought system, thus, is very essential for economic operations of boiler

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For a particular specified duty, there is only one diameter of impeller at specified speed, which can give best efficiency, provided optimised inlet diameter and good blading is provided. Low lead edge angle and long smooth passage of air from inlet to outlet of impeller, without separation of flow in two blades will provide highest possible efficiencies. It is therefore work of the designer to:
  • Establish best diameter of wheel that is capable of highest efficiency possible at specified speed and duty.
  • Establish optimum impeller inlet diameter at specified duty and speed.
  • Select blade angles and number of blades to convert dynamic energy into static energy, without separation of flow and avoiding shock conversions.

The performance curves of laboratory tested high efficiency fan are presented below.

The features are:
  • maximum efficiency is 88%.
  • Optimal operating range is between 50 to 75% of free delivery.
  • Maximum BHP occurs at highest efficiency point, making it possible to use small motors.
  • Maximum noise level occurs at minimum efficiency.

Following are the tips for maintaing good fan system.
  • Use correct belt tensions as per manufacturers recommendations only. This will not only increase life of belts, it as well saves energy. Use of belt tension meter is recommended.
  • Excess tightening of adaptor sleeve also heats up bearings causing more wear, and more power consumption. Use of filler gauges while tightening adaptor sleeve is recommended.
  • Fill grease into bearing with correct quantity and quality recommended. It is general observation that plummer blocks are filled with grease fully which overheats bearings.

Now try to see the nos & utility of these considerations which are posted on this "Chemical Professionals' Blog. The example is given just for Cement Industry which may be the largest user of fans & blowers.

The World Cement production capacity is ~2250 Million TPA. The average power consumption in cement industry for fans is ~75 kWh/Te of Cement produced. Which means the total power consumption in fans in cement industry alone is ~ 168750 Million Units per year.

If we assume current efficiency of 80% (Best possible) & replace it with high efficiency fan of 88% than there will be a reduction of 10% in the power consumption. Thus we can save ~16875 Million Units per year.

At an average price of 12 Cents/unit it becomes ~2000 Million USD saving per year.....WOW.......

Wait Wait.........More savings are available

For each unit of power there is an average carbon credit of 0.01 Te, which means you can save another 1650 Million USD / year at minimum 10$/Te of credit rate.

So total potential is ~$3650 Million / year just by single change across the world. Avoid Global Warming as a BONUS.......

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Energy saving girl said...


This is vital! I really think people should start being proactive about minimising their energy consumption. They don't realise they could save themselves loads of money on their bills!
In the UK installing double glazing can save bill payers £110, and wall installation a further £160. Surely this is a big enough incentive!

Double Glazing Quote said...

This is great! I can say that At most companies, the philosophy of cost cutting is to get rid of things that, once gone, will have the least effect on business interest. If this philosophy sounds negative, that's because it is. But so are most of the circumstances where companies perform cost cutting. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

Double Glazing said...

We can start energy efficiency at home.Now,if everyone work together to reduce their energy consumption,a higher volume of energy can be save.

Paul Schlacter said...

Thank you for sharing this info. High efficiency boilers are not expensive and work great though these are good to buy.

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