August 12, 2008

EconoFrost - Save Energy in Super Stores

This post is based on the suggestions from our vistior Samantha, who pointed out this source. So I thought to share it with all of you.

EconoFrost are nothing but reflective night covers made of woven aluminium for display boxes/cases with commercial refrigeration system in Super Stores. What is the need?

The need is based on the cold losses & heat gain from ambient condition during hot summer nights in these stores. If some cover is avaialble which can easily reflect the heat back to atmosphere, the load on thses refrigerated machines can be reduced during off-peak hours & night. This will definitely result in Energy Saving.

EconoFrost is a cover made by weaving of aluminium wires. Aluminium is having very high reflectivity compared to other metals & is easily available. Thus it can save ~37 - 50% on energy bill. The woven fabric reflects 70% of the heat that would normally enter open refrigerated display cases. The woven pattern of the aluminum refrigeration blinds disperses reflected heat in multiple directions, effectively maintaining optimum, even temperatures throughout the refrigerated display case

ECONOFROST insulating night covers also protect all heat-sensitive merchandise from exposure to radiation during closed hours. UV radiation from supermarket lighting penetrates the surfaces of refrigerated products, heating them and causing premature decay and discoloration. Enclosing your refrigeration display cases with ECONOFROST night curtains extends the shelf life of your merchandise and reduces produce shrinkage.

Finally good option to save energy in Super stores where lot of saving potential exist.

EconoFrost is a product from Market Group Ventures Canada. Source: Their website.

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