October 14, 2008

Type of Valves - Globe

In the last article I discussed brief & important things about Gate Valve. Today I will discuss some basics of Globe Valve.

The Globe valves as name suggests is having a globe type spherical body which is divided in two parts by a baffle. Flow direction is steeply changed in this type of valve so the controlling of flow is better by the movement of restriction element.

Globe Valves
A Globe valve is a type of valve used for regulating flow in a pipeline, consisting of a movable disk-type element and a stationary ring seat in a generally spherical body. Like Gate valve which is the most common for isolation type service, Globe valves are most common for flow regulation service.

Globe Valves are used when a valve must be opened and closed frequently under high water pressure. They are used to control volume of flow. These valves have two chambers with a partition between them for passage of water that must change course several times from port to port.

Globe Valves should not be used in water supply lines for occasional shut-off purposes.

Globe valves are not designed for general shut off conditions.

Globe valves are used for controlling of flow by reducing the pressure.

Angle Valve is a kind of globe valve which changes the flow direction by 90° thus eliminates need of elbow & conventional globe valve combination.

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valves said...

Your article is amazing. It helped me a lot with my research about different kinds of valves and actuators and how this stuff works with other mechanical devices...

again,thanks a lot.


Anonymous said...

Valves are society's too-often unappreciated friends.

linear actuator said...

I have read the post and I am really impressed by the way it has been represented you should do more post like these. It's a good thing that I came across you blog.

speedfit pipe said...

An angle valve is a fluid regulating device used in plumbing and industry. It has inlet and outlet ports aligned at an angle with respect to each other, the most common angle being 90 degrees.

Paul Thompson said...

Good Info, helped me as we are installing new valves on an oil rig and i was a bit lost as to what a globe valve was.

Thank You

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