July 06, 2009

Ultimate Analysis of Biomass

Heating value & ultimate analysis of any fuel be it biomass or fossil fuel is correlated long back by Du-Long in 19th Century.

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Most recently a Mr. S. A. Channiwala 1992 thesis, The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay) collected data on over 200 species of biomass and fitted the following equation to the data:

HHV (in kJ/g) = 0.3491C + 1.1783 H - 0.1034 O - 0.0211 A + 0.1005 S -0.0151 N

Where C is the weight fraction of carbon; H of hydrogen; O of oxygen; A of ash; S of sulfur and N of nitrogen appearing in the sltimate analysis.

This equation fitted the experimental data with an average error of 1.45%, typical of the error of most measurements. This equation permits using heat values in calculations and models of biomass processes.

However, I am giving here the table for fuels indicating their ultimate analysis & HHV.

Source: - BioMass Energy Website

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Zaki said...

Thanks. This information is very useful and very important for energy utilization references. Really appreciate the sharing of this info.

profmaster said...

Thanks Zaki
My aim is the improvement on this Globe in terms of energy & technology efficiencies.

Anonymous said...

What about LDO, FO & LSHS?

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