May 03, 2011

ISO - Standard or Business - 5

Further, is it true that ISO is for people, their safety, their interest as consumer etc...etc.???

ISO Claims - "They are useful to ...........and, ultimately, to people in general in their roles as consumers and end users"

Ha...Ha...Ha....Consumers, who do not even know what for this company is having ISO. is it for product or for finance or for purchase or ......?????


See my previous articles on ISO - Part-1, Part-2, Part-3 & Part-4.

Consumers do not know anything about ISO coverage & even for a multi product company it is not clear If all the products of this company are covered under ISO or not. ISO is safeguarding them against harmful content in the product or not. The raw material which is used in this product is having or not having any quality issue which ISO can not guarantee as purchase process is not covered under ISO. All these facts are not known to any consumer in general & still ISO claim to safeguard & to be beneficial to the consumer & end user.

Company can enjoy good image in the market becasue they only publish "ISO:9000 Certified"........other info is missing. Why???? Because blindly every one is asking for only ISO doesn't matter if it is only for your HR (There is no link to product in this case but this is also sufficient).

I also know multi product / multi location companies where only one certificate is used for the entire company and therefore question comes - is everything covered?

The biggest flaw, still ISO claims for safeguard of consumers...HOW???? can anyone justify this?

Fed up man...Im impatient to write more on this topic. So will stop here & may come back later if I go through this subject in future.

Learning -4 It cannot be beneficial to consumers unless it is product & value chain focused. Currently it is process focused only that too with many exclusions permitted.

Disclaimer - This is a series of my personal views on ISO systems, its implementation, Effectiveness etc. They do not carry any legal issue related to my personal views under the human right of "Freedom of Speech".

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Kelebek Vana said...

thanks for the artice. Keep up the good work.

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