August 10, 2012

7 Great Green working practices

Being greener at work means less impact on the environment, a more productive work force, and increased profits. Whether you’re the owner of the business or just an employee, whether your office is already green or becoming that way, there are steps you can take to lighten your carbon footprint. From telecommuting to investing in green technology, here are some ways to run a more environmentally friendly company. Use less energy at work.In many offices, computers are central; changing energy settings for PCs, printers and other equipment can mean modest energy savings. It’s also a good idea to shut them down at the end of the day, as standby mode draws power even when the computer isn’t being used. A simple way to save energy is to plug all computer hardware into a power strip with an on/off switch, to unplug appliances that aren’t used often, and to turn off lights when you leave the room.
Digitize your data: In the digital age, it seems counterintuitive for offices to consume large amounts of paper- especially as most of it only gets used once. The more you store your information online, the less paper you’ll need. Review documents as they’re on a screen, or send emails and PDF files rather than printing documents.
Make commuting more green.The average worker spends almost fifty hours per year commuting to and from work, adding up to billions of gallons of wasted fuel per year. Ease some of the environmental strain by carpooling, using public transit, or walking. Larger workplaces can benefit from programs which reward employees for getting to work in a green way, such as cycling. If getting rid of automobiles isn’t practical, consider switching to a hybrid, a scooter, or a car sharing service.
Take your work home with you, or change your work week. Unified communications, instant messaging, Skype and other tools make it easier than ever to telecommute. If it’s practical for your business, telecommuting will save time, and it will lessen harmful carbon emissions. Another good idea is to switch from the traditional five-day, eight-hour work week to a four-day, ten-hour schedule; it can save 20% or more in time and energy, and it offers employees a welcome three-day weekend every week!
Change your work environment.“Greening up” your workplace is simple- all you need is eco-friendly lighting and furniture, as well as clean air. Replace incandescent bulbs with CFLs or LEDs, or open windows to let more natural light in. Cleaner air makes for healthier employees; ensure adequate ventilation, and use low-VOC paints, furniture and carpets.
Green your lunch. If you pack your lunch, bring it in a reusable container. If you order takeout, get together with your co-workers and put together one large order rather than a few small ones. Workers that go out for lunch should walk or bike, rather than drive.
Get others thinking green, too.Share the above information with your colleagues, or ask your higher-ups to consider buying carbon credits to offset plane and car travel. Arrange office-wide remote working, or set up a group cycling commute. Get fair-trade coffee for your break room, and place recycling bins around the office. These simple tips can help your business do its share to make the world a cleaner place to live.

This guest post was contributed by Amy Fowler for Maintel, experts in unified communications and remote working technologies. Click here or here to find out more. Alternatively, you could 'like' their Facebook page.

Post by Guest Author - Amy Fowler

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Kelebek Vana said...

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Russ said...

Great ideas. One of the best parts about working in high energy consuming industries is that even small improvements and reductions in fuel consumption can result in huge energy savings.

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Lukman said...

working in environment friendly way is what everyone doing. This is an on going process and will never stop.

Setting up a goal is necessary but it should not decide the end point.

Tatvachintan said...

Amazing post and simple as well. I think getting others think green is the most efficient of all these techniques because it will produce a chain reaction of healthy practice. A single person can't change the world afterall.

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